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> HELICOID lawnmowers

High quality cut : for the lawns which require the most important attention.

> FRONTAL lawnmowers

The multifunctional professional lawnmower : mowing, collecting, recycling..

Power, width of cut, collection capacity, etc..

Choose in our range of professional auto driving lawnmowers, the RUBI lawnmower the most adapted to your needs.

- Frontal Lawnmowers -

  Choose a Rubi lawnmower  

You may wonder " Why choose a Rubi lawnmower? "

Here are some advantages with the R28, R35 and R40 models.


 > Our lawnmowers are the most compact and are very movable too (absence of dial which could limit the turning circle) for a very easy driving keeping the lawn intact.

 > The visibility is optimal, as the driver can see above the hopper in order to make the movements and the passages under the trees easier.


 > We chose a mechanical drive for the blades and of the turbine by tension of belts, a cheap and very reliable system.

 > You can choose the type of cut (collecting, lateral ejection or mulching) and its width (1M60, 1M70 et 1M83).

Tubular chassis

 > Our lawnmowers have an unbreakable tubular chassis which can bear heavier loads. It guarantees a better masses distribution.

 > The chassis contains the tanks of hydraulic oil and gaz-oil for a mimimum of cluttering. 


 > Steel hopper for a maximal load of grass (900L), unbreakable and with a greater longevity than the heterogeneous materials hoppers.

 > The emptying is easier with a emptying height of 2M40.



 > Our lawnmowers are renowned for their access and easiness of maintenance. Moreover, a high majority of the spare parts are standard and at an affordable price.

  Discover our frontal lawnmowers  
Rubi R40 frontal lawnmower

38 horse power Diesel

The real 4x4 with

cut of 2.80m

Floating lateral

lawnmowers with automatic

and separate clutch.


More information..

Rubi R35 frontal lawnmower

33.5 horse power Diesel

The output

- 2 or 4 driving wheels

- Cuts of 1.6m, 1.7m

ou 1.83m with lateral ejection


More information..

Rubi R28 frontal lawnmower

28 horse power Diesel

The investment

par excellence

- 2 or 4 driving wheels

- Cuts of 1.6m, 1.7m

or 1.83m with lateral ejection


More information..

Rubi R25 frontal lawnmower

25 horse power Diesel

A concentrate

of efficiency

- 2 or 4 driving wheels

- Cut of 1.35m

or 1.5m with lateral ejection


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Rubi R20 frontal lawnmower

21 horse power Diesel

Lightness / Saving

- 2 or 4 driving wheels

- Cut of 1.24m with

lateral ejection


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